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Mom of 3

on July 1, 2010

So everyone told me that life would get crazy with kids, especially once we added the 3rd one, but I didn’t realize just how crazy! Its fun crazy at least. I started this blog when we found out we were pregnant with Abbey over 3 years ago. Yes 3 years! She had her birthday last month. More on that in a minute. I never blog anymore and I don’t know why exactly because boy do we have stories to tell from our days together! I mean how much more fun could it be than hanging out with 2 of the cutest girls around and one handsome boy! So I have been reading a friend’s blog that has inspired me to blog again. My goal is at least once a week (how many times have I promised that before though?!)

There is too much to catch up on since its been several months since the last post but I do have to fill you in on Abbey’s 3rd birthday. Once she realized her birthday was approaching, she started telling everyone that she was having a princess party. Of course, as her mother, I now had to make this happen. I had this great idea to build a castle out of card board boxes. What kid doesn’t like to play in a box? Clint thought it was a cool idea until we were actually “building” it. He suffered through it though and it turned out great! Before her birthday we went shopping with Nana and Abbey picked out pretty pink fabric and a pattern for a princess dress. My mom did a fabulous job and Abbey had her pink princess dress for her party. She had a crown that said princess but I don’t think it stayed on long enough to make it to the party. She even got new pink flip flops with LED lights that lit up when she walked. We decorated the house in pink (Have you figured out her favorite color is pink?) and I made a castle cake from rice krispie treats. It was no masterpiece but everyone got the idea. The kids decorated their own crowns with colors, glitter, and stickers and enjoyed running through the castle. I was very pleased with how everything turned out and Abbey had a fabulous time!

The rest of her birthday pictures are on my mom’s computer so I will have to post those later.

Emma is almost 20 months now and cute as ever! She is equally evil at times though. Her temper is like nothing I have ever seen.

She adores her big sister and copies everything Abbey does. Her favorite things to say right now are, “what are you doing?”, “what’s that?”, and “who is that?” (when you’re talking on the phone). Her vocabulary is expanding and more words are becoming recognizable. She knows what she is talking about and gets frustrated when you can’t figure it out. Her facial expressions are priceless! She will ramble on about something and I can usually only figure out the last word she says. Its so fun to listen to he talk though! My favorite thing she does is when you ask her, “How much does mommy love you?”, she opens her arms out wide and wiggles her fingers. This is something we started with Abbey when she was little. Of course Abbey can do it and she says, “This much!” when she does it. But Emma just opens her arms and gives the sweetest grin–I love it!

Mason will be 6 months old on Tuesday. Time passes quicker every year I am alive. I remember the days as a child when I thought a week was a long time. Now a week comes and goes before I realized what happened. I try to savor these moments while my kids are young because I have been warned how quickly it all passes and I believe it!

Mason is the happiest little boy. He is content to sit anywhere as long as he is not alone. He just needs to be in the presence of others and he will sit quietly smiling any time you look at him. I had no idea how much food boys could eat! I mean I had 3 brothers but I guess I didn’t realize their appetites started out of the womb! He eats twice as much formula/month than the girls plus he eats 3 “meals” a day. Its incredible! He has started eating apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. His favorites are bananas and carrots. I wasn’t sure about having a boy but I can see why now all my friends said I would love it. There is something special about momma’s having a boy. I have lost my girls to their daddy. They are total daddy’s girls so I am looking forward to having my boy love me most! Of course, with my luck, once he’s walking and talking I will lose him to daddy too. We’ll see.

Well, that is a short update on the kiddos for now. I really will try to post more often. I didn’t realize anyone actually read this anymore until I quit writing. Then I heard about it! So if you do stop by to check in on the Neville’s, leave me a comment every now and then. It will motivate me to keep posting!

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  1. Brandy says:

    I check in:) Keep posting!

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