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on January 11, 2010

Sorry for the delay in updates. We came home Saturday afternoon and spent yesterday adjusting to our newest addition. Mason is doing really well. We go back to the doctor for a check up today. Abbey absolutely adores him! She doesn’t quite understand that she can’t share her meals with him or why he doesn’t walk and play. She would also prefer if he would finish a bottle in about 10 sec and eat every 30 minutes so she can feed him like her baby dolls! It has been such a joy watching her love on her brother. Emma is not as interested as I expected her to be. She will walk by occasionally and pat him on the head but that is about all the interaction she cares for. Mason has been sleeping really well which is a pure blessing to me! I feel great and am surviving my first day home alone with all 3 kids!

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  1. cylie says:

    Hey girl i’ve been meaning to call you but i get busy and don’t get around to but i just wanted to say hi mason is beautiful and i am so glad things are going well and the girls are adjusting so well to him. i will call you next week. take care and talk to you soon. love cylie:}

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