The Newest Neville

The Neville journey as our family grows…

Funny faces


Mason makes funny faces quite often and keeps us laughing. But recently, this face is almost constant. I am not sure if he even realizes he is doing it. It is usually accompanied by snorting sounds as well. This makes it very difficult while potty training to determine if he needs to poopoo or not. Apparently, I frequently misunderstand this face for the poopoo face. But I think you can understand why.

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Posting from my phone

So once again I have failed at this blogging thing. But! I have learned I might be able to post from my phone! This could change blogging for me. It may take some time to learn but this would definitely help me be a bit more successful.

Let’s see…


Here are my 3 beautiful children! Best. Kids. Ever!!!! So blessed to have them. We just returned from a trip to Isle of Palms, SC, one of the best places in the world! Kids were awesome travelers as usual. Now, tomorrow, back to real life. Maybe a life cataloged by this blog….only time will tell.

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