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First trip to the lake

My in-laws recently bought a boat so we took the kids out to the lake yesterday. They had a blast! Abbey was excited to “drive” the boat. She had her grandaddy calling her ‘captain’ and she was calling him ‘matey’. It was super cute! Emma enjoyed sticking her head over the side and watching the water saying, “Waves! Waves!”. Mason was, well, Mason. He just chilled and took it all in. We are looking forward to going back!

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7 weeks

Mason is 7 weeks old today. Its amazing how time flies! I remember as a kid how I thought days lasted so long, especially in school, and a year seemed like an eternity. Now, I feel like I am always trying to hold on to moments to make the days and weeks and months longer. I can’t believe its been nearly a month since I posted. It feels like it was just last week. Its been that long too since I have taken any pictures of Mason….awful mother! I guess that’s what happens with your 3rd child. My friends warned me about this!

Since my last post, we had the rare occurrence of snow in Alabama. Abbey loved it! She couldn’t wait for it to fall and stick so she could build a snow man with daddy.
She decided to taste her snowman even though it was full of dirt and grass but she didn’t care!

Mason is still doing great…most of the time. He has his moments like any normal baby. I was enjoying the perfection of his first couple weeks. I really have nothing to complain about still. I was just so spoiled at the beginning when he was the text book baby. Now he cries occasionally for reasons I cannot figure out. He is trying to smile but his face just contorts into strange shapes. He is much more alert and enjoys watching the girls whiz back and forth around him.

Emma turned 15 months on Valentines Day. Wow is she different from Abbey! She walks around talking in her own little language all the time, hand motions and facial expressions included. I only wish I had some idea of what she is saying. Her temper tantrums are like nothing I have ever experienced. Its amazing how much energy can come out of that little body when she doesn’t get her way. It must be terribly frustrating to continually communicate your needs but no one gets it. She is so loving and cuddly though. She frequently stops during her day to kiss brother on the head in a long drawn out “mmmmmmmmmmmmmaw!” right on the head. She has also learned to say “cheese!” when a camera appears. Her chin titled forward and eyes squinty.

Emma is a great copy cat. I had no idea how much she was watching the rest of us until I see her mimicking all the same things. She especially loves to do anything Abbey does. Emma follows her around the house, taking cues on how to be a girly-girl, like putting lipstick on your cheek.

Abbey is 2 1/2 going on 13! She loves being a big sister and thinks its the coolest thing that she has a brother AND a sister. She loves being a good helper. We are practicing manners daily and she is so proud of herself when she remembers without being told. She has a “silly voice” she uses sometimes when she talks that makes me laugh. Her favorite thing to do is sing! I believe we have serious talent in our hands between her dancing and singing (of course I am bias). Watch out Hollywood! She will be starting preschool in the fall and can’t wait. I believe its going to be a long 6 months waiting for school to start since she is already talking about it. She wanted to go buy a new backpack this week. I assured her we had plenty of time to get things ready for school. She sings her alphabet and can recognize about half of the letters. She can count to ten and then it gets sketchy. A couple of her favorite book she can read from memory. Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins. She tells us that she is daddy’s ballerina and mommy’s princess. I love being home with all my kiddos and experiencing these precious years with them.

Well I guess that is a pretty thorough update for now. I hope another month doesn’t go by before I realize it again.

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Our first week

Well we have been home a week now and it has been wonderful! Clint had to go back to work on Monday so it was a quick transition from hospital, to home, to home alone with 3 kids. I was a bit nervous about it but everyone has adapted so well. Abbey has been a huge help and she loves being the big sister. Emma has been great too! I thought for sure she would show her little attitude once Mason was home with us but she is learning well how to be a big sister from her big sister. Mason is fabulous! He is sleeping for long stretches at night so we feel like we are getting enough rest. There were even a couple days that I was able to get all 3 kids to nap at the same time! Of course I spent that time sleeping also. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful family!

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Sorry for the delay in updates. We came home Saturday afternoon and spent yesterday adjusting to our newest addition. Mason is doing really well. We go back to the doctor for a check up today. Abbey absolutely adores him! She doesn’t quite understand that she can’t share her meals with him or why he doesn’t walk and play. She would also prefer if he would finish a bottle in about 10 sec and eat every 30 minutes so she can feed him like her baby dolls! It has been such a joy watching her love on her brother. Emma is not as interested as I expected her to be. She will walk by occasionally and pat him on the head but that is about all the interaction she cares for. Mason has been sleeping really well which is a pure blessing to me! I feel great and am surviving my first day home alone with all 3 kids!

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Jan 7, 10 am

I just got back from visiting with our little boy. He looks wonderful and he sounds great! I really expect his labs to come back ok and for him to be able to go home either tomorrow night or Saturday. The neonatologist has not seen him yet today so I will let you know when I hear from him.

Several people have asked about visiting. We love visitors! Unfortunately you would just be coming to see Clint and I (c: because the NICU does not allow visitors but you are more than welcome to stop by. We are just hanging out, taking advantage of the down time to rest and recharge.

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The most beautiful family ever!

We recently had family pictures taken. The girls were so cooperative! We got some great pictures. Here are just a few…

Rachel Roll took the pictures. We were lucky to find her through a friend at church. I think she did a fantastic job!

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