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The Neville journey as our family grows…

The Crew


Here are some recent pics of our little guy. He is still doing so well! I keep waiting for him to quit being so perfect but in the meantime I am counting my blessings! He is going through a growth spurt right now so he is eating a lot. He still sleeps really well which is wonderful because I feel well rested. The girls are very helpful and love having brother around. I took all 3 of them to the zoo a couple days ago and it was great! I have not ventured out too many times with all 3 of them because my stroller only holds 2. I am debating getting one that will hold all of them but it would be a tank of a stroller to fit my crew. I am really enjoying the time at home to spend with all my kiddos! We are all having a blast!


Abbey dresses up daily as a princess, ballerina, rock star, or cowgirl. Emma plays along because it is what big sister likes but Emma is not a real fan. She prefers to use the princess wand as a sword. She is definitely our transition child from having a girly-girl to having a boy. Emma is the perfect middle child!

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The most beautiful family ever!

We recently had family pictures taken. The girls were so cooperative! We got some great pictures. Here are just a few…

Rachel Roll took the pictures. We were lucky to find her through a friend at church. I think she did a fantastic job!

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Emma’s 1st Birthday!

For Emma’s party we did a bumble bee theme. It turned out pretty cute! I had a lot to live up to after doing Abbey’s first birthday with lady bugs and sunflowers. The day itself had every little thing go wrong that could but I think overall everyone had a good time. Emma was not sure about the whole event. I thought for sure she was going to dig in and destroy her cake but she was too busy taking in all the surroundings. As soon as she was buckled in the car afterward she passed out. It was a great party and we made some fun memories!

P.S. And for those who have been asking, there is a hideous belly picture located in the birthday batch here. Your welcome!

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Our First Fair!

My brother’s school had their fall festival this weekend. Clint was camping with the guys so the girls and I ventured out. Abbey had a blast riding all the rides! She was nervous about being on them alone but did well and enjoyed it. Her favorite was the big slide. Nana had to go with her all 15 times since my growing belly does not provide much of a lap anymore. Emma’s entertainment was anything dirty on the ground. She loves to pick up sticks, dirt, rocks, pine straw, etc. Anything she can throw up in the air. The weather has been beautiful so it was a great day to be outside. We all had a blast!

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Bath Time!

Bath time fun

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